Written & Directed by Jane Rosemont
Narrative Short Film  10 minutes
Starring Diane Lotti


An old woman, recognizing her limitations and mortality, creates offspring from a lifetime of memories.
The progeny are deeply flawed. She could not be more proud.


A Note From the Writer/Director

After the phenomenal process of directing and promoting Pie Lady of Pie Town, it seemed certain I would direct another documentary. At some point, however, a fictional story came to me and developed quickly. Inspired by my collection of vintage doll heads, and firm belief that flaws are more beautiful than so-called perfection, Apotheosis has a Twilight Zone feel both visually and in spirit.  


The premise: an old woman sets out to pursue her realization of accomplishment. Along the way, she must confront her own definition and perception of perfection. As a Creator, she approaches her project and reacts to its consequences with varied emotions. There are twists and turns in this ten minute narrative, and as with any provocative mystery, multiple implications to extract. As the storyteller, I see it as uplifting and hopeful despite the eerie imagery. The film is without dialogue to allow the story to be told in powerful metaphor.  

Jane Rosemont