The Creator



Diane Lotti became interested in acting at an early age, taking a “dramatics” class in the second grade. She started writing plays in third grade, and gathered her young friends to act in them. In high school, she was cast in Bells Are Ringing. Although she loved being a part of that, she “became hippie” and didn’t pursue any further roles. It occurred to her to major in drama in college but instead went to law school. A spouse, children, and a career put acting on hold. 

After her children went off to college, Lotti auditioned for community theater. At first she worked behind the scenes helping with costumes, being a stage manager, and even producing some plays. She became a board member of the local theater, took acting classes from Frank Licato, and started landing roles.

She moved to New Mexico in 2010 , has taken acting classes with Wendy Chapin, and has performed with a local troupe started by ,musician/playwright/creative genius Joe West.