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Writer and Director

Jane Rosemont is an award-winning filmmaker & photographer based in Santa Fe,

New Mexico. Jane’s first film, Pie Lady of Pie Town narrated by veteran Native American actor Wes Studi, premiered on the festival circuit in June 2014. The film has been an official selection in over 40 festivals and has won eighteen awards.  

Born in Detroit, Michigan, the youngest of eight happy children, Jane was told she had three choices in life: to become a nun, a nurse, or a secretary. In typical fashion, she didn’t pay attention. After dragging her feet through college and holding jobs without passion, she met an Olympus OM2 that gave her the focus she lacked and so desperately craved. Her photographs have been exhibited and published across the USA for over three decades.

Her third film "Shirts!" was filmed in 2017 and had its Hollywood premiere in June, 2018.

She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband Dick. They have see out to prove that

it really is “fun with Dick & Jane.” Her photo-based website is



Seth Fuller was born and raised in the desolate south of New Mexico, USA, but moved

right after high school to tour the country playing music. While performing with various

bands and artists, there was always a passion to emotionally connect to people through

the music. Several years of touring lead Seth to transition into the film industry and come

up as an editor. 

He then found his true passion as a filmmaker in cinematography, using the lens as

another language to communicate and emotionally connect with an audience. Now based

in Los Angeles, Seth has shot numerous commercials for major agencies, music videos,

and feature films with work showcased at SXSW and various other festivals.


The Creator

Diane Lotti became interested in acting at an early age, taking a “dramatics” class in the second grade. She started writing plays in third grade, and gathered her young friends to

act in them. In high school she was cast in Bells Are Ringing. Although she loved being a part of that, she “became a hippie” and didn’t pursue any further roles. It occurred to her

to major in drama in college but instead went to law school. A spouse, children, and a

career put acting on hold. 

After her children went off to college, Lotti auditioned for community theater. At first she worked behind the scenes helping with costumes, acting as stage manager and even producing some plays. She became a board member of the local theater, took acting

classes from Frank Licato, and started landing roles.

She moved to New Mexico in 2010 , has taken acting classes with Wendy Chapin, and has performed with a local troupe started by musician/playwright/creative genius Joe West.

Filmed at Santa Fe Studios, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Written and Directed by

Jane Rosemont


The Creator

Diane Lotti


Executive Producer  

Dick Rosemont/Kuby Girl Productions



Hari Mitar Khalsa



Seth Fuller



Seth Fuller, Jane Rosemont



David Busse


Key Grip  

Ole Kristian Nilsen


1st AC/Camera Op  

Jakob Anderson


Production Designer  

Chelsey Danielsen


Prop Master  

Seth Thomas



Jacqueline Chavez


Original Score  

Karl James Pestka


Extra Special Thank You

Marisa Xochti Jeminez , Michael Holt 

Paddy Rawal–Raaga, Pablo Perea 

Kathy Knapp & Stanley King, Kimberley Browning


Special Thank You

Einar Østraat Erlien,

Robert Rodriquez–Paper Tiger

Cherie Ferro, Ed Moench, Guy Baldovi


Gratitude to the Circle of Wisdom

Tim Owen, Julie Canepa, Cinnie Cole,

Rob & Penny Reid,  Linda Fillhardt,

Bruce & Donna Clarke, Heidi Heimler, 

Clifford & Kathleen Neumann, 

Dana & Sally Charette

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